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Year in Review

K9 Kapers 2014 year in review

  • Agility classes were a hit with new and veteran club members this year. Jeri, Erin, and Megan started out the season in May with a new set of students who were ready to work hard. Of the teams who started classes in the Spring, 10 Handlers and dogs are continuing to work hard all winter and are excited to start back at the field in May for Advanced Handling. But first, in March they will spend class time at the Kapers winter training facility where dogs will learn to weave poles.
  • The Kapers rocked it at Nationals in Sussex, NB in August. There was a strong showing from the club and everyone did so well. Though the weather was not always in competitor’s favor, that didn’t stop anyone from running hard! Bev and Bailey, Bianca and Cash, Bob and Ryder, Elizabeth and Paddy, Erin with Toffee and Mach, Jean and Carly, Megan and Gus, Pam and Lego, and Rachel and Jackpot all showed up to kick some butt! So many teams went home with ribbons and smiles for how well their dogs performed. Bev and Cyclone were also in the Steeplchase runs where Cy smoked the first one! Club members Jeri Piercy, Shanna-Lynn and Annemiek also attended the event where they volunteered all weekend. Volunteers are a big part of the success of an event like this, and everyone who came out to help is appreciated by every competitor who can relax and take the time to prepare for their next run. Way to go Kapers!
  • The September trial at the Kapers field in Keswick brought a lot of successes for new agility dogs and handlers. The teams who started classes in 2013 continued their training in 2014 where they learned to weave poles and navigate sequences with multiple obstacles. Plus, handlers learned the rules for each game they’ll encounter at a trial. The students who finished classes in the summer continued to train hard and competed successfully at their first trial in September.
  • Well, the Kapers did it again!! At the Little River Dog Sports trial in October the newest members of the Kapers to begin trialing made their instructors proud. Evan Shanks and Hammer, Aletha Dobie with Jezabel and Bjorn, Janet Bradley and Daisy, Lisa Gilmore and Sunny, and Loriann and Harley all rocked their runs and even brought home some Q’s. Annemiek Boogman with Rooby got an Advanced Jumpers Q and Jean and Bob Fisher with Carly and Ryder and Bev McTavish with Bailey and Cyclone even brought home some hardware! So proud of all club members! Even Jeri and Rowdie had a rockin’ fun run at the end of the day. Everyone had a successful trial weekend and everyone is looking forward to trialing next season!
  • Anyone who attended the Fredericton Pet Expo in November at the Capital Exhibition Centre would have had the opportunity to watch some amazing agility dogs demonstrate their skills over jumps, into tunnels, through weave poles, and across a teeter. Both veteran and new club members showcased their skills to the amazement of the many spectators who came out to support the Fredericton SPCA.
    The Kapers participated in the local christmas parade over the holiday season. Not only did many club members dress themselves up in costumes, but the dogs came along for the fun time as well! Everyone did a fantastic job showing what agility is all about and how it creates a close bond between dog and handler. The Kapers even won the award for best pet entry in the parade!
  • Be sure to check out the photos page for pictures of the K9 Kapers members at all of these events!